In Pictures: Startup co-working space Tank Stream Labs

Inside Sydney's Tank Stream Labs

  • Techworld Australia stopped by Tank Stream Labs in the Sydney CBD.
  • Airtasker opened the co-working space for tech startups last year after finding its office space too large for just one company. The extra space was previously used for indoor soccer, according to co-founder Jonathan Lui.

  • The space houses about 16 startups, comprising about 65 people.

  • Startups can shake out any pent-up aggression with a game of table tennis.

  • Or by drawing dinosaur cartoons. We didn't meet Bill, and we're not sure we want to.

  • Tank Stream Labs is located in Sydney CBD on Bridge Street. It shares the same office building as Amaysim, a mobile virtual network operator where Airtasker's founders used to work.

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