In Pictures: INCUBATE Demo Day

Startups from the University of Sydney Union incubator's Winter 2013 class

  • Tech startups from INCUBATE's Winter 2013 class pitched their ideas at the University of Sydney.

  • The demo day was held at the University of Sydney's Holme Building.

  • INCUBATE has recently [[artnid:528160|partnered with Google]] to expand the startup incubator to universities across Australia.

  • INCUBATE program manager James Alexander introduces the startups of Winter 2013.

  • INCUBATE aims to rocket startups to success.

  • JobGPS has in its crosshairs, according to co-founder Mike Williams.

  • Makeupsocial aims to be "Facebook for beauty", according to founder Orawan Limnalong. The website uses an algorithm to match users to relevant beauty content based on their personal profile.

  • Skytree has built an inexpensive system for growing food at home, said founder Chris Wilkins.

  • A concept picture of Skytree.

  • Drivelist is a Sydney startup that delivers cars to customers' doors for test drives. Read Techworld Australia's [[artnid:527557|interview with co-founder Shane Herft]].

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