In pictures: ANZ Innovyz START Sydney

Three startups perfect their ideas in Darling Park

  • Adelaide's ANZ Innovyz [[artnid:532330|opened a Sydney branch]] in February. The accelerator is based at the Regus business centre located near Darling Harbour. Pictured from left to right: Regus ANZ CEO Paul Migliorini; ANZ Innovyz START program director, Jana Matthews; and the accelerator's program manager, Simran Gambhir.

  • Wahuna is mentorship startup providing skills development for employees. Pictured from left to right: Andrew Jennings, lead developer; Matthew Benfell, head of design; and CEO Adam Miller.

  • World Academy lets experts set up their own online courses with video, quizzes and other educational content. Pictured from left to right: founder and CEO Omar Anzur; Hugh Gaukroger, project manager; and Zara Akhtar, digital marketing.

  • World Academy shows off one of its online courses.

  • Jai Chopra and his co-founders at Edisse are working on wearable e-health for seniors that uses an accelerometer and other sensors to detect falls.

  • A closer look at potential designs for the Edisse watch. However, co-founder Chopra said the company is also considering band designs closer to the look of a Fitbit.

  • The Sydney and Adelaide branches of ANZ Innovyz have regular meetings using Google Hangouts.

  • The startups at ANZ Innovyz START Sydney use this common area for work and collaboration. The 13-week program kicked off on 11 February.

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