Teach your router new tricks with DD-WRT or OpenWrt

Open source DD-WRT or OpenWrt firmware can breathe new life -- and advanced features -- into your old wired or wireless router

  • Like other routers based on the Atheros chip set, the Buffalo AirStation WHR-HP-G300N requires a build of DD-WRT specifically for the router model.

  • A number of routers -- such as my Buffalo AirStation -- ship with the manufacturer's own, customized version of DD-WRT, in which case you can update the firmware via DD-WRT's Web interface. Be sure the "After flashing, reset to default settings" option is enabled.

  • OpenWrt sports both a command-line interface and a Web GUI. The GUI notwithstanding, you'll need to type some commands into the console to get OpenWrt up and running.

  • The package list for OpenWrt can be dauntingly large, but that's a testament to how flexible the firmware can be in the right hands.

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