Gallery: Internet of Things startups at Vivid Sydney

Smart energy, efficient driving and clothes with microchips featured at Vivid Sydney pitch night

  • Five Australian startups pitched ideas for the Internet of Things at a Vivid Sydney event.

  • The event was MCed by MooresCloud CEO Mark Pesce.

  • The creator of the Nike FuelBand, Noel Billig, said the [[artnid:546779|future of tracking devices]] doesn't have to be scary. Billig (left) is group executive creative director at R/GA. The firm's executive creative director, Gavin McLeod, talked about R/GA's accelerator program for Internet of Things startups.

  • WattCost won the pitchfest for a device that plugs into existing electric meters and sends users data they can use to lower energy costs. Pictured is founder and CEO, David Soutar.

  • WattCost works with old and new electricity meters and costs much less than buying a brand new smart meter.

  • BodyWise founder Mike Halligan showed off a fitness measurement app.

  • Halligan said BodyWise is unique because it gives personalised training advice based on what it knows about the user.

  • Cartesian Co has built a printer that makes prototype circuit boards in minutes, according to founder Ariel Briner.

  • A look at Cartesian Co's Argentum printer and a selection of circuit boards it produced.

  • A closer look at the printer, which was designed for prototyping.

  • GoFar pitched a device that tracks how efficiently the user is driving.

  • GoFar users can compete with their friends to see who drives the most efficiently. "GoFar turns your mundane commute into a game," said founder Danny Adams.

  • Adams used a driving simulation to demonstrate how GoFar works.

  • Wearable Experiments has worked with Durex and Foxtel on fashionable smart clothing. Pictured is founder Ben Moir.

  • Conscious of the need for wearable devices to be fashionable, Wearable Experiments has a professional fashion designer on the team, Billie Whitehouse. "People don't want to wear a Segway on their face," Moir said of Google Glass.

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