In Pictures: GovHack Sydney 2014

Some highlights from the Sydney event at the opening on Friday night.

  • The Sydney crowd gathers around as GovHack 2014 officially opens.

  • One of the Sydney teams throwing around some ideas; thinking of using avatars to bring history and research to life. For example, a student may research for information on Captain Cook, and the avatar could help deliver the information in a more interactive way.

  • One of the Sydney teams working hard on developing their disaster map concept; thinking of ways to visualise natural and man made disasters in the past, present and possibly future.

  • Bill Simpson-Young from NICTA demonstrating the [[artnid:549601|National Map|]] that uses datasets sourced from [[artnid:536473|Geoscience Australia – the agency that has so far contributed the largest amount of datasets to|]]. Simpson-Young is showing a visualisation of data broadband quality and availability across the country. Underpinning this map is WebGL and Cesium.

  • One of the Sydney teams looking into the government datasets and past projects to try and come up with ideas. Soda, food, thought. Soda, food, thought.

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