As PC interest wanes, Computex loses its luster

Computex struggles to find its focus in the midst of the PCs' decline

  • Acer is using its hardware to target more enterprise areas, including teaching educators how to program robots.

  • Acer's aBeing One, a hardware platform to develop IoT products.

  • The Asus Computex booth.

  • Acer founder Stan Shih on the left.

  • The Acer booth at Computex.

  • The Computex show floor.

  • The entrance to the Nangang exhibition hall where Computex is being held.

  • Gigabyte booth at Computex.

  • Motherboards at the MSI booth at Computex.

  • The Computex show in Taipei goes from June 2nd to the 6th.

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