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  • No rush for enterprises to deploy 802.11ac Wi-Fi

    Wireless vendors are pushing the 802.11ac standard because it offers the fastest Wi-Fi speeds yet, but most Australian businesses can afford to wait another year before upgrading their Wi-Fi networks, according to analysts.

  • New Wi-Fi Direct Gets peer-to-peer connections

    A new specification, called Wi-Fi Direct, provides peer-to-peer connections between Wi-Fi devices, no hotspot required. That could be bad news for Bluetooth, but good news for customers.

  • Advanced Wi-Fi sinks old ship's network barriers

    If your hotel is an antiquated, out-of-service ocean liner that's crossed the Atlantic 1,001 times, it's nice to know that the place has steel walls as much as 3 inches thick. On the other hand, if you get there and want to fire up your Wi-Fi-equipped laptop to shop for Titanic memorabilia on eBay, those walls had better not get between you and the nearest access point.

  • Cisco wireless LAN vulnerability could open 'back door'

    Some wireless access points from Cisco Systems have a vulnerability that could allow a hacker to redirect traffic outside the enterprise or potentially gain access to an entire corporate network, a security company said.