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  • Drupal 'getting off the island' with version 8

    The thoroughgoing overhaul of the internals of Drupal in version 8 of the web platform means the next release of the open source project may have taken longer than expected. However, the ability to more easily employ third-party libraries and the use of modern coding conventions will mean it's worth the wait, according to Angela Byron.

  • When digital marketing meets open source

    It's a product that actually costs nothing, is up against entrenched competitors, and exists in a category that enterprises have in the past been wary of. All in all, marketing open source to marketers was probably never going to be an easy job.

  • Acquia revenue up 108 per cent

    Acquia, the Boston-headquartered Drupal services company founded by the creator of the open-source Web platform, Dries Buytaert, has revealed year-on-year annual growth of 108 per cent for 2012.

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  • Open-source Drupal turns pro

    As we've seen time and again, in an increasing number of enterprise software categories, open source has become a promising alternative to commercial software. But there's no free ride.