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  • Bringing agile to life

    Similar to leading companies ING, Spotify, Google and Netflix, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has embarked on an agile transformation - but what does this really mean for the PEXA team?

  • Is DevOps secure?

    DevOps — one of the biggest trends in software development among startups and big business alike — first began in 2007. Its aim is to increase the speed at which companies develop and publish software.

  • Design thinking, agile development at heart of building control system

    Honeywell last week unveiled its Australian-developed 'Command and Control Suite', which employs a touch-based interface to draw together building data from across large facilities, such as hospitals, universities, prisons and industrial refineries, and centralise manage of building systems.

  • How to cope after your CIO Googles DevOps

    So your CIO thinks that cloud, BYOD and big data are all passé and now has declared The Next Big Thing in the IT department will be DevOps — and hey, even worse, he or she used the Google and has seen that Big Vendor X and Big Vendor Y offer 'DevOps-ready products' so all that it's going to take is picking up a bunch of overpriced automation tools.

  • Bank finds stability in Linux, innovation in Agile

    Linux, 'dual live' data centres and a collaborative relationship between development and IT operations have all helped play a role delivering infrastructure stability while driving rapid ongoing growth at Tyro Payments, according to Sascha Hess, the vice-president for operations at the acquiring bank.

  • Agile: Empathy not velocity

    The first principle of the Agile Manifesto states: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” But despite this focus on delivering software to customers, it’s sometimes easy for development teams to lose sight of the end goal of Agile, according to Jeff Patton.

  • Telstra wants to work with (and like) startups

    Telstra believes working with startups is a “strategic necessity” if it wants to survive increasing competition from over-the-top players and other rivals, according to Telstra CIO Patrick Eltridge.

  • Lonely Planet embraces digital amid disruption in publishing

    Lonely Planet had to quickly adapt to a digital world to stay relevant as a publisher of travel guides. Known for physical books, the company overhauled its Web presence and publishing processes to meet consumer demand for real-time and mobile tourist information, according to Lonely Planet online platform manager, Darragh Kennedy.

  • Suncorp "agilises" its business, adopts BYO IT

    Suncorp is "agilising" its business and extending agile practices to non-technology areas at the regional bank, following the successful use of the project management methodology in a range of IT projects.