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  • ATO to listen to voice biometrics

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has stated plans to turn on voice authentication to verify customer identities by the end of December at the latest.

  • ACCAN wants Google to rethink reCAPTCHA

    Google should provide an accessible alternative to reCAPTCHA, the company’s online test to prevent bots from posting spam to websites, said the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

  • PGP Corp. co-founder's startup targets cloud authentication

    When Phil Dunkelberger co-founded PGP Corp. in 2002 with Jon Callas, it was to acquire the codebase for the famous encryption technology known as "Pretty Good Privacy" which had been sold to Networks Associates in 1997. That proved a good move for public-key encryption, and now Dunkelberger says his next project -- the formation of a company called Nok Nok Labs -- involves a revolutionary way to support authentication in corporate networks and the cloud.

  • MD5 password hashes are dead

    MD5 hashes, still a common method for securing login passwords, are no longer an adequate defence against hackers, according to Kaspersky Lab analyst Evgeny (Eugene) Aseev.

  • 4 simple steps to bulletproof laptop security

    Security: You either have it you don't. It's a matter of degrees or, as the experts prefer to think of it, layers. The more varieties of security you have, the better the odds your goods can be protected successfully from intrusion or theft.

  • Tax Office releases AUSkey for Linux

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has made good on its promise to support Linux in its next-generation authentication software, dubbed AUSkey, with the reference distribution being Ubuntu with the Firefox Web browser.

  • NEHTA issues core e-health tender

    The Federal Government today delivered the health sector a much clearer picture of how its giant $466.7 million electronic health records project will be delivered, with the initiation of a major purchasing initiative for the project through the nation’s peak e-health body.