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  • Five Features the iPad Needs for Business

    Only a few weeks left until the Apple iPad--the Wi-Fi version at least--will actually ship and be available in stores. Reports suggest that Apple sold more than 120,000 iPads when pre-orders began last Friday, and it seems safe to assume that the early adopters are not looking to revolutionize business computing.

  • On24 touts virtual events as alternative to real thing

    If you asked 100 random people what they dislike most about attending conferences, it's safe to say "travel," "scheduling," and "cost" would be at the top of the list for most of them. Finding the time to attend conferences and dealing with the hassles and costs associated with getting there can take away from benefits such as hearing experts talk and networking with industry colleagues.

  • What's Happening with ERP Today

    What used to be the sweetest deal on the planet for ERP vendors has left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of many CIOs. With maintenance and support costs running upwards of 20 percent annually, these legacy systems are costly, complicated and customized to the max.

  • Rescue Mission: How to grow your business with no budget

    <strong>Scenario</strong>: The global recession of 2009 hit a formerly fast-growing US$1.2 billion manufacturer hard, bringing its customary 20 percent annual growth to a halt. Rolling budget reductions cut business and IT resources deeply, leaving technology resources spread thin. Everyone in IT feels overworked, yet the slow-motion economic recovery is renewing a push for growth. What should this CIO do to position IT to support business expansion?

  • Stock markets in 'data meltdown' threat

    High speed electronic stock exchanges around the world face a possible data meltdown, as trading volumes grow exponentially with computers doing most of the selling and buying.

  • Merging iPhone and Business? There is an App for That

    A new app is available for the iPhone which could enable the popular smartphone to integrate smoothly with business networks. Array Networks has developed an iPhone app that enables business users to connect with its Desktop Direct appliance.

  • Credit crunch is improving IT and BPM

    Businesses claim to have improved their management processes and the way in which IT supports them, more than a year after the recession began to bite hard.

  • Google's China problem (and ours)

    Well, that was the biggest news bombshell to land in quite a while. Google reveals that it's been hacked by Chinese cyber attackers and says it will no longer play along with China's repressive Internet rules.

  • How to protect ourselves from Chinese cyberwarriors

    Better user education might have played a role in stopping the apparent Chinese cyberattack on American businesses. Once targeted employees clicked on a link in an e-mail or instant message, however, most current security technology was defenseless.