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  • What end users want from IT departments

    If the question "What do you want from me?" screams in your head throughout the day, it might be time to re-assess the relationship you have with the rest of your organization."

  • The Cost of Google Pulling Out of China

    If Google follows through on its threat to shut down operations in China in response to cyber attacks and spying efforts, it would be walking away from a fairly significant chunk of revenue. The resulting Internet advertising vacuum would lead to hundreds of millions of dollars flowing out of the United States and into Chinese coffers.

  • Wipro brings cloud computing to retail industry

    Cloud computing is here to stay and Wipro is focused on tapping this lucrative industry. The company has announced the launch of two new solutions--digital customer experience platform and loss prevention platform--for the retail industry.

  • Communicating IT value

    CIOs at Eaton, Bain and Thomson Reuters market IT value by emphasizing operations, teaming on strategy and getting staff comfortable with the business.

  • New Facebook privacy choices help business users

    Facebook's new privacy controls make it easy for users to present different information to business contacts and personal friends, but only if the user is willing to accept the added complexity involved in doing so. It's not difficult, but requires time and thought.

  • Forrester: IT must prove need for disaster recovery tools

    Even though more than a quarter of companies have faced a disaster over the past five years, according to Forrester Research, IT managers must still do a better job at convincing business leaders to invest in disaster recovery systems.