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  • Career advice that will change your life

    These days, free advice can be found everywhere, from your various social networks to your favorite advice column. But truly valuable advice typically comes from your peers or people who've made it to a career or life position that you'd like to get to someday.

  • IT job seekers get personal: survey

    IT professionals are more likely to rely on personal and word of mouth-based referrals when searching for a new role rather than turning to social networking sites, according to new research.

  • IT workers stick to their guns through GFC: survey

    The global financial crisis may have left many people uncertain about their job security, but IT professionals remained stoic and refused to consider an alternative career throughout the downturn, according to new research.

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  • Recruiting Software: Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the System

    Ever since the Internet made applying for a job as easy as uploading or e-mailing a resume, hiring managers and HR personnel have had to contend with volumes of applicants for jobs. To help them screen all the resumes, they've turned to recruiting software and applicant tracking systems that filter candidates' resumes based on how well they match the job description. In fact, by 2004, 90 percent of the top 500 U.S. employers were using recruiting software, according to Human Resources Leader.

  • What Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management

    It's been really difficult using the Force to convince your HR manager or boss to see things your way: Your threats of turning fellow workers to the Dark Side sound hollow and that Jedi mind trick you've been working on for the past six months doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere. Your big promotion? You might as well be working in the Spice Mines of Kessel.

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  • Advance your tech career in one simple step

    Following your passion blindly, developing skill sets, and growing your network may not necessary be the gateway to career success in the IT industry. Find out the 6 ways you can gain a competitive advantage in the technology labour market and a new model that can help you define a fulfilling career.