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  • How to reduce storage costs

    Companies seeking to reduce costs should take a close look at storage, according to Hitachi Data Systems chief economist David Merrill.

  • E-mail campaign services can save costs

    You could spend a lot of time creating e-mail newsletters and promotions, only to take even longer trying to manage lists and send everything out. Forget trying to send to Outlook groups; spend a little extra, and go with an e-mail campaign service. You'll make up the difference in your labor costs and valuable tracking results that can hone your next mailing.

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  • Five programs you can afford in a financial meltdown

    It's the afternoon of September 30th and for reasons beyond my understanding the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is up more than 3.5 percent after yesterday's financial fiasco. Hello, Wall Street, what part of "No one has a new bailout deal; the House hated the old deal, and it's the week of Rosh Hashanah so it won't be a full week at Congress anyway" do you not understand? Even if you believe the bailout will magically work wonders for the economy -- I don't -- it's not going to happen this week.

Whitepapers about costs

  • IT as a Service: How can it enable significant cost savings?

    The concept of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) is rapidly maturing, providing an operational model for service providers to deliver services in a manner whereby they have control over optimising process and procedures, and deliver IT services to the customer as a package. Determining the business value of this approach and the potential savings fundamentally comes down to the concept of the “grey box”: the proportion of the service that is performed by the service provider rather than the customer. The ‘whiter’ the customer insists the box to be, the greater ITaaS reverts to being a managed service and the cost advantages of ITaaS evaporate. Transitioning to an ITaaS is a significant change, and it’s important to recognise the impacts that may affect your organisation. This discussion paper articulates the balance between customer and service provider in taking ownership of service delivery, and looks at how the savings of moving to an ITaaS model have been recognised though three case studies (and the many factors that contributed to the savings).

  • Citrix helps Future Group realise faster time to market, better security