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  • US Supreme Court to look at NSA spying, resale of products

    The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in two cases with potentially broad implications to technology users, one reviewing whether consumers can resell copyright-protected products they have purchased and the second challenging an electronic surveillance program at the U.S. National Security Agency.

  • iPhone aftermarket emerges as updates loom

    Yearning for the next iPhone but unsure what to do with your current, soon-to-be-outdated model? Not to worry -- plenty of gadget buyback options are available to give you enough cash to pay an early termination fee or snatch up that new, shiny iPhone you desire.

  • Judge throws out Craigslist lawsuit

    An Illinois judge this week dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Cook County Sheriff's Office charging Craigslist with facilitating prostitution.

  • Alleged Craigslist killer pleads not guilty

    Philip Markoff, who has come to be known as the alleged Craigslist killer, today pleaded innocent to first-degree murder and six other charges in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.

  • Seven charged with using Craigslist to run prostitution ring

    Seven people were indicted this week on charges that they were operating a prostitution ring that advertised exclusively on Craigslist. The indictments are the latest in a series of blows to the Craigslist classified advertising Web site.

  • Craigslist demands apology in battle of racy ads

    After South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster said efforts by Craigslist to eliminate racy ads aren't enough to halt his crimininal investigation, the head of the classified advertising Web site demanded an apology.

  • Craigslist discontinues erotic services advertisements

    Online-classifieds site Craigslist said on Wednesday that it will remove the "erotic services" category of advertisements from its U.S. Web site in a week, after the site was criticized by law enforcement agencies as providing a forum for prostitution and other illegal activities.

  • Craigslist execs, State AGs meet to discuss questionable ads

    Less than two weeks after the CEO of Craigslist Inc. said the company keeps ads for prostitution off its Web site, Attorneys General from Missouri, Connecticut and Illinois are holding a meeting with company executives Tuesday in New York to wrestle with that very issue.

  • Craigslist killer, racy ads may get site in more hot water

    With the so-called Craigslist killer making daily headlines, experts are debating whether the online classified advertising firm could face legal trouble for allegedly allowing the site to promote prostitution. The American online classified advertising firm is already facing a lawsuit in an Illinois federal court accusing it of facilitating prostitution.