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News about DNA
  • CrimTrac tenders for DNA ICT platform

    Federal government agency CrimTrac has released a request for expressions of interest (REOI) for the implementation of a national ICT platform that includes DNA matching and searching functions.

  • Are DNA computer chips a reality?

    Researchers are paving the way for the future of micro-computing, using DNA (the building blocks of life) to build smaller-than-ever computer chips. These chips will be able to amass far superior amounts of circuitry compared to traditional silicon for only a fraction of the size, and their potential speed is unrivaled to silicon.

  • 'IT genome' an effort to map tech 'DNA'

    IT discovery vendor BDNA on Wednesday unveiled Technopedia, what it calls the world's first "IT Genome," a regularly updated encyclopedia of information on every type of enterprise software and hardware platform.