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  • Android face-off: Nexus 4 vs. Droid DNA

    There has been no shortage of hot new Android phones lately, but the LG Nexus 4 and HTC Droid DNA are undeniably the most talked-about, and for good reason. In their own ways, both are groundbreaking devices that push the envelope of what's possible on the Android platform.

  • Hottest Android news and rumours for the week ending November 16

    HD televisions were one of those inventions that ruined me for older technology -- the first time I saw a football game in HD, with lights gleaming off players' helmets and individual blades of grass visible on the field, I knew I'd never want to go back to standard definition.

  • Verizon to unbox new HTC Droid DNA live on Google+

    Verizon announced today that it is planning a live unboxing of the latest "Droid"-labeled smartphone on Monday, Nov. 19, at noon EST, to be streamed live on Google+. The new device is widely believed to be the HTC Droid DNA, a U.S. version of the Taiwanese company's cutting-edge Butterfly J, currently available only in Japan.