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News about Gartner Summit 2011
  • Compromise likely on Cloud computing

    At this week’s Gartner Summit in Sydney a suggestion that by 2016, 20 per cent of all business organisation’s IT will be purely Cloud-based was put to delegates and a panel of IT gurus. Roughly 70 per cent of an audience of around 250 agreed with the prediction. Here’s some of what the panel had to say.

  • 2016: All in the Cloud?

    If there is one top-of-mind issue among CIOs today, it is Cloud computing. But how will it be positioned five years from now — as an innovation that brought about overriding change in the way IT delivers business service or, as some predict, something responsible for nothing more than incremental change to the familiar hosting arrangements and one that back in 2011 was wrapped in massive hype?