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  • Vodafone now selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Vodafone has become the first Australian telco to announce availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet, with pre-orders for the device opening today at 4pm on both 12 and 24 month contract plans.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review

    Apple may have stopped for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet being released in Australia for now, but that didn't stop us getting our hands on a review unit courtesy of importer MobiCity.

  • Asus launches Eee Pad Transformer tablet

    Asus' has brought its Eee Pad Transformer, a touchscreen Android tablet with a keyboard-equipped docking station, to Australia. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer will be available from tomorrow with a recommended retail price of $599.

  • Motorola Xoom gets Flash update, finally

    After rushing its tablet to market ahead of Apple's iPad 2 announcement, Motorola is updating its Xoom tablet's software with Flash support. Is it a coincidence it's on the same day Apple's iPad 2 goes on sale? I think not.