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  • Telstra wins over regulation, but will consumers benefit?

    The Australian Competition Tribunal has announced it will grant regulation exemptions for Telstra's wholesale voice services in metropolitan areas, but questions remain over whether consumers will gain better access to services.

  • ISPs need more oversight and regulation

    The Internet service provider industry is a rats and mice business that needs greater regulation and oversight said Alastair MacGibbon, former director of trust and safety at eBay, and prior to that, the former director of the High Tech Crime Centre.

  • Tech industry split on cybersecurity regulations

    Recent cybersecurity legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress seems to be creating a split in the tech community. Some security vendors say new regulations may be necessary, while a major tech association said it has major concerns about the legislation, called the Cybersecurity Act.

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  • New obscenity charges raise questions in Internet Age

    A long-standing court test using community standards to determine whether adult content is criminally obscene has been a potential problem area for the US pornography industry. But a debate that's been largely abstract for years has recently changed as the US Department of Justice successfully prosecuted two Web site operators for obscenity.

  • The three business tech risks you don't know about

    Business travelers will soon need to carry the name of their corporate lawyer in addition to their passport when traveling to the United States, and they may need to bring with them a different business laptop as well. This is because US Customs can search and confiscate your laptop without any prior cause, according to policies that have been posted online since a Ninth US Circuit Court ruling in April.