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News about GPS technology
  • Curtin Uni combines GPS with Galileo satellite

    Researchers from Curtin University have discovered how to integrate Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with the emerging multi-frequency Global Navigation Satellite System, Galileo.

  • Victoria to track crims via GPS

    GPS could be the latest technology used to manage offenders who have been released into the public if a trial by Corrections Victoria is successful.

  • Unlucky Thief Steals iPhone Used in GPS Tracking Tests

    In perhaps what was one of the unluckiest moves of his career as a petty thief, Horatio Toure stole an iPhone on Monday afternoon. The irony? The iPhone Toure stole was being used to demonstrate a program that tracks GPS location in real-time--it took the police all of ten minutes to pin down his exact location and arrest him.

Features about GPS technology
  • Three ways to make GPS navigation safer for users

    The story of a Nevada couple, who followed their GPS unit's directions and ended up stuck in snow for three days, reminds us that we, not the GPS, are responsible for where we drive. But, there are still things GPS makers could and should do that might help.