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  • How to: Choosing the right colocation provider

    With a plethora of private data centres available and a remarkable number currently being built, it is an opportune time for businesses needing to expand their data capacity to take a closer look at what is on offer.

  • Rise in Cloud drives Macquarie Telecom to EMC

    Macquarie Telecom has upgraded a significant portion of its legacy IT, including its storage infrastructure and IT operations management systems, amid significant growth in demand for its hosting and Cloud services.

  • Parallels stakes out tricky spot in the cloud

    Parallels, known widely for its Parallels Desktop software that lets Mac users run Windows in a virtual machine, faces a problem that currently plagues many cloud companies: an identity crisis.

  • Master your own (Internet) domain

    Seinfeld episodes notwithstanding, buying a domain name may be easy, but managing the domain and making smart technology decisions is another story. Let's take a look at the steps and decisions involved in setting up Web and e-mail hosting accounts for your a domain.

  • Web-hosting firms defy recession

    After the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, mothballed data centers operated by bankrupt companies such as Exodus and PSINet were the most visible signs of the IT-driven downturn. Today, despite the worst recession in 50 years, Web hosting is one of the few thriving segments of the IT industry.

  • goes virtual for re-launch

    Hosting provider has re-launched itself to focus on the consumer and SME markets, but not before it rebuilt its infrastructure around virtualization.