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  • Feds issue bulletin warning about malicious 'Google dorking' cyber actors

    If you are good at research by using Google searches, does that make you a malicious cyber actor? Of course not, but DHS, FBI and NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center) have issued a bulletin warning about malicious "Google dorking" cyber actors. If using <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/gwebsearcheducation/advanced-operators">advanced search techniques</a> on Google or Bing is considered suspicious, what does that make <a href="http://www.shodanhq.com/">Shodan</a> users who specifically target SCADA, ICS, VoIP, routers, switches, webcams and printers to name but a few?

  • Brazil's ban on U.S. Internet services may prove futile

    Brazil's government is considering installing new hardware locally to reduce the country's dependence on U.S. services for Internet access. The move comes in response to reports that the U.S. government had intercepted emails and phone calls of Brazilian citizens, its state-run oil company and the country's president, Dilma Rouseff.

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