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  • NBN liked, ISP filter dogs Labor in election wake

    The National Broadband Network is likely to play a key role in the balance of power with the independents and Greens supportive of the project, however, mandatory Internet filtering remains a bugbear that many of the elected MPs continue to oppose.

  • CyberSitter files lawsuit against China over Green Dam

    Web software filtering vendor CyberSitter has filed a US $2.2 billion lawsuit against the Chinese government, two Chinese software markers and seven major computer manufacturers for their distribution of Green Dam Youth Escort, a controversial Web filtering package the Chinese government had mandated to be installed on computers sold there.

  • ACS: ISP-filtering could affect Internet speeds and prices

    The Federal Government’s Internet filtering scheme is likely to impact ISP networks speeds, and ultimately, the cost of Internet access for consumers, a new report from the Australian Computer Society e-security Task Force has found.

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  • Five technologies Iran is using to censor the Web

    One month after a disputed presidential election sparked widespread unrest in Iran, the country's government has initiated a cyber-crackdown that is challenging hackers across the globe to find new ways to help keep Iranian dissidents connected to the Web.