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  • For transparency's sake, ISP filter goes under review

    Last Friday, Senator Stephen Conroy issued a statement saying mandatory ISP filtering will not be imposed until a review of Refused Classification (RC) content is completed first – a big step forward in the transparency of any URL blacklist.

  • Wikileaks raided by German police

    The owner of whistleblower Web site wikileaks has been raided by German police days after it controversially published the Australian government's Internet blacklists.

  • More doubts surface over enforceability of ACMA's blacklist

    With the leaking of the supposed Australian Communication & Media Authority's (ACMA) URL “blacklist”, further doubts have been raised over whether such a list, and even Web Filtering itself, can successfully achieve the federal government's goal of protecting Australians from undesirable content like child pornography.

  • Banned poker sites make joker of ACMA's Internet blacklist

    Less than a week after the federal government's URL blacklist was leaked and caused a furore over the status of online betting company Betfair, Australia's poker industry is now in the firing line over the number of legitimate poker sites that could be banned by the filter.