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  • iPhone next-gen: Ready for video chat?

    Apple is expected to announce its fourth-generation iPhone hardware on Monday that will include a forward-facing camera that can be used for video chat, allowing real-time wireless videoconferencing.

  • Hello new iPhone, goodbye ethics

    If you leave your cell phone on a restaurant table, do I have the right to examine it and publish the details of your life? Of course not. If I did such a thing you'd probably set a lawyer on me and attempt to sue the bejeezus out of me. And rightly so; your private business should remain just that -- private.

  • How Apple's secrecy hurts business customers (and Apple)

    Apple's notable successes, the iPad and iPhone, hide an important fact: Apple's secrecy comes at the expense of success with business customers. In essence, Apple accepts a position of limited influence in the business world in exchange for a marketing strategy that manipulates consumers brilliantly.