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  • IT budgets, headcount set to grow in 2014: study

    Companies are still concerned about the economy, but that hasn't stopped them from funneling more of their revenue to the IT department, according to the latest survey data from the Society for Information Management (SIM).

  • New round of criticism for HP's controversial open-source costs report

    A report compiled by Microsoft and HP purports to demonstrate that the Munich city government's well-publicized switch to Linux from Windows actually cost more money than it saved has come in for a fresh round of criticism, this time from the city itself. According to a report from The H Online, city officials in Munich have said that the study makes some false assumptions to arrive at the conclusion that the Linux transition cost nearly $82 million, while the equivalent OS and productivity upgrades in a purely Microsoft environment would have cost just under $23 million.

  • IT budgets up, but salary cuts still a concern: study

    Companies are still looking for ways for IT to reduce costs, still trying to increase employee productivity, and still cautious about raising IT salaries, according to the latest survey data from the Society for Information Management (SIM).

  • Government agency IT budget cuts confirmed: Swan

    The Gillard government’s treasurer, Wayne Swan, has indicated in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) that there will be a 20 per cent cut in capital expenditure for government agencies with IT projects worth less than $10 million under the knife.

  • CIOs set to trim budgets some more

    It's not just the new coalition government that's looking to cut spending, UK's CIOs are set to embark on a cost-reduction exercise too, according to research from Micro Focus. The company has found that 50 percent of UK respondents expected IT budgets to be cut again in 2010, despite the more favourable economic conditions.

  • Vic govt cools off large IT projects

    The Victorian state government has become "gun shy" on big IT projects, prompting questions about whether overall IT spending is set to decline, according to an analyst firm.

  • Rescue Mission: How to grow your business with no budget

    <strong>Scenario</strong>: The global recession of 2009 hit a formerly fast-growing US$1.2 billion manufacturer hard, bringing its customary 20 percent annual growth to a halt. Rolling budget reductions cut business and IT resources deeply, leaving technology resources spread thin. Everyone in IT feels overworked, yet the slow-motion economic recovery is renewing a push for growth. What should this CIO do to position IT to support business expansion?

  • Gartner: IT budgets in 2010 to be at 2005 levels

    IT budgets will only rise by a weighted global average of 1.3 percent in nominal terms in 2010, compared with 2009 levels where IT budgets declined 8.1 percent, said Gartner following the release of results from the 2010 CIO survey by Gartner Executive Programs (EXP).

  • Signs of IT spending recovery emerge in surveys

    IT buyers say they plan to increase their investments in technology before the end of 2009, recent survey results show, as a noteworthy number of high-tech decision makers revealed they expect in the next six months to put more budget dollars into IT.