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  • Microsoft backs Java for cross-platform mobile apps

    Over the years, Microsoft has not been the biggest advocate for Java, no matter how pervasive it has become. In fact, the company was entangled in a bitter legal battle over the platform with Java founder Sun Microsystems many years ago. But times have changed. Now, Microsoft Open Technologies, a subsidiary of Microsoft focused on "open" technologies and interoperability, is promoting a Java-based approach to building cross-platform mobile apps.

  • 4 reasons to stick with Java -- and 4 reasons to dump it

    Java remains a critical technology that attracts intense interest and passion, as testified by the droves of developers gathered in San Francisco this week for JavaOne, the industry's major event dedicated to the language.

  • Scala: Productivity gains but complexity remains

    Functional programming language Scala, which compiles to bytecode that can run on a Java virtual machine, has been praised for offering productivity gains over Java. However, the syntactical differences and error messages can sometimes be quite complex for developers to wrap their head around.

  • Waratek tackles Java application security

    Waratek is introducing its first product aimed at Java application security, and it works by identifying weaknesses, especially in open-source platforms, and then acts like a shield against attacks.

  • Red Hat drops JBoss, goes with WildFly for Java middleware

    If you've ever thought that Java-related open-source middleware just wasn't exciting enough for you, good news -- Red Hat announced today that it would be jazzing up its JBoss application server software, rebranding the project as WildFly and focusing on obtaining Java Enterprise Edition 7 certification.

  • Java inventor James Gosling building smart marine robots

    James Gosling, the inventor of the Java programming language when he worked at Sun Microsystems, finds the security framework for Java he designed still stands up after all these years. In fact he's using it today to design marine robots that can be sent across the ocean to gather weather data or carry out research projects.

  • Oracle wants copyright claims to remain in Google suit

    Oracle said that no court has ever found that APIs for software like Java are ineligible for copyright protection, in its objection to Google's request that the court make a summary judgment on Oracle's copyright allegations.

  • Home-grown Cloud storage service launched

    Sydney-based Cloud computing provider Ninefold has launched a storage service it claims is the first local equivalent of Amazon Web Services’ S3 offering and announced its inclusion into the jclouds multi-cloud library.

  • Oracle's Java direction a 'worry' says Jaspersoft CEO

    Jaspersoft CEO and former Java development evangelist Brian Gentile has expressed concern over Oracle's stewardship of the programming language since it acquired Sun Microsystems saying it's a worry how the software giant is treating open source projects.

  • Oracle rolls out more critical patches for troublesome Java

    Oracle has unloaded a hefty package of patches aimed at fixing critical vulnerabilities in Java SE and Java for Business, and Oracle as well as third-party security experts are urging IT admins to deploy the security update immediately.