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  • Linux distro watch: UberStudent

    What differentiates UberStudent from other Linux distribution designed for tertiary education is that it delivers "pedagogical cohesion" says its creator, Stephen Ewen.

  • Fuduntu hits 2013.2

    The team behind Fuduntu, a Fedora-derived distribution designed to offer an Ubuntu-like experience, have released a new version of the distro.

  • Linux distro spotlight: Mageia

    For a Linux distribution only a little over two years old, the uptake of Mageia has been impressive, with the distro now regularly being found in the top 10 of Distrowatch's rankings, along with heavyweights such as Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint.

  • Linux distro spotlight: OS4 OpenDesktop

    Desktop Linux has come a long way from the good old days when getting a window manager working required opening an XFree86 configuration file in vim and figuring out why the fsck X wouldn't load.

  • Linux distro spotlight: Fuduntu

    It's not unusual for Linux distributions to have somewhat offbeat names — Ubuntu (named after an Africa-originated philosophy), Red Hat (the creator of the original distro, Marc Ewing, had a red lacrosse hat given to him by his grandfather), and the wonderful CrunchBang Linux (named after the characters usually used at the start of a script — #!).

Features about linux distribution
  • Ubuntu Server: Lean, mean, cloud-making machine

    Ubuntu Server is a fast, free, no-frills Linux distribution that fills a niche between utilitarian Debian and the GUI-driven and, some would argue, over-featured Novell SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.