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  • Qualcomm up in arms over LTE-U testing framework

    The announcement this week of a final testing protocol aimed at discovering, once and for all, whether LTE-U technology can coexist peacefully with existing Wi-Fi networks has the LTE-U camp up in arms, as Qualcomm issued a thunderous denunciation of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s framework.

  • Wi-Fi, LTE-U enter new phase of coexistence debate

    The long-running contretemps between the supporters of LTE-U and regular Wi-Fi, over the idea of the two wireless standards co-existing on the same frequencies, has moved into a new phase, as test plan parameters are expected to be rolled out at Wednesday’s coexistence workshop in San Jose.

  • NYC scowls at LTE-U in open letter

    The City of New York became the latest entity to weigh in on the subject of LTE-U, as an open letter from the mayor’s office to policymakers as the 3GPP standards body pushes for thorough protection for existing Wi-Fi.

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  • FAQ: What in the wireless world is CBRS?

    What is CBRS? Here are the basics on Citizens Broadband Radio Service (i.e., CBRS) shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Yeah, thats a mouthful, but this tech could have big implications for building private LTE networks and for carriers that want to extend their 4G services.

  • When COWs fly: An AT&T drone experiment

    You might be familiar with the Cell on Wheels (COW) concept that carriers have deployed to bring temporary wireless service to busy venues or disaster relief areas. Now AT&T is giving the COW acronym a new high-flying meaning: Cell on Wings.

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  • Seamless cellular connectivity: A new freedom for mobile workers

    The mobile workforce needs dependable, high-speed network connectivity to get the job done. This whitepaper looks at how refreshing client fleets with built-in 4G LTE technology lets employees take the internet with them - boosting flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency.