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  • Russia building 10-petaflop supercomputer

    T-Platforms, a Moscow-based tech company that has built some of that nation's largest systems, is developing a 10-petaflop supercomputer for M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the company said this week.

  • China beefs up its HPC training

    China can use its power of government control to bring major changes quickly, and it is moving to expand parallel programming training to help <a href="">its supercomputing efforts</a> -- and possibly its outsourcing industry, too.

  • U.S. HPC Lead in Danger

    The SC11 supercomputing conference in Seattle last month saw an almost obsessive focus on the development of an exascale computing system -- one that would be roughly 1,000 times more powerful than any existing system -- <a href="">before the end of the decade</a> .

  • Automotive supplier doubles in size after adopting HPC

    Many small to mid-size manufacturing companies do not use high performance computing (HPC) to create and test potential parts and products virtually because of cost concerns. But one firm that did make the investment in HPC developed a new product line -- and subsequently doubled in size.

Features about Mainframes and Supercomputers
  • A daughter follows her father into a mainframe career

    Kristine Harper and her father, Tom, both work on mainframe computers. BOSTON - Kristine Harper was about 12-years-old when her father took her to his office to take part of a "take your daughter to work day." Tom Harper said his daughter was less than enthusiastic about his profession that day.