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  • Microsoft rolls out Office 365 family plan

    Microsoft is rolling out a family plan for its Office 365 service that supports up to five machines under a single subscription, which the company says is enough to cover a typical household.

  • Office 365 email conks out twice within a week

    Microsoft's Office 365 service has suffered two email outages within a week of each other that affected some customers in North and South America that stemmed from different causes but ended in the same result: failed email delivery.

  • Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business

    The battle between <a href="">Microsoft</a> and Google for office cloud dominance reminds me of the clash of the Titans. Microsoft and its classic on-premises business model is like Gaia, the earth goddess, and Google with its disruptive lightening bolt, is like Zeus, a sky god and a next generation kind of god.

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