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  • BlackBerry PlayBook apps

    BlackBerry PlayBook apps

    Another round of applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, including apps for e-reading, social networking, keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams and scores and more.

  • BlackBerry 7 compatible apps

    BlackBerry 7 compatible apps

    Looking for apps that are compatible with RIM's new BlackBerry 7 OS?'s Al Sacco spotlights 10 must-haves including apps for social networking, navigation, entertainment and a cool augmented reality browser.

  •  Android apps for developers and IT pros, at a glance

    Android apps for developers and IT pros, at a glance

    These eight apps allow you to open a shell, run a shell script, tap the Linux command line, or otherwise put your Android-based smartphone to productive use. Most are available in free editions, and none will set you back more than a few dollars.

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