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  • Cybersecurity challenges in 2013

    The security issues affecting businesses are similar around the world. Most involve employees innocently bringing an infected personal mobile device into the corporate network, or clicking on a social media link that looks harmless but hides a Trojan or worm that will secretly steal data and money and, potentially, remain undetected with severe impact on security of the infected device.

  • The 5 worst mobile threats of 2012

    New types of mobile malware make headlines every day, but what are the most prevalent threats out there? The team at Nominum decided to find out by analyzing Domain Name System (DNS) data of approximately half a million users from various countries.

  • Windows 8 may prompt malware attacks on hardware, McAfee predicts

    Security features in <a href="">Windows 8</a> will discourage operating-system attacks and drive hackers to develop malware that compromises hardware directly, according to McAfee's security predictions for 2012.

  • Beware of Android scaremongers

    Smartphone malware may be rising, but users should be more wary of "charlatan" security vendors, says Google's open source program manager Chris DiBona.

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