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  • Madden 09 & more EA Sports games going offline next month

    Earlier today, Destructoid discovered a list of games on EA's website that will lose online multiplayer support starting February 2. We've included the entire list below, but some of more notable games worth highlighting include last year's Madden game (Madden NFL 09), a few failed arcade sports games (Facebreaker and NFL Tour), and Tiger Woods 2007 on the PC, though I'm sure Tiger has bigger problems on his plate right now.

  • China to clean up online games amid addiction woes

    Chinese authorities have promised to clean the country's online gaming industry of "unhealthy" content such as violence and pornography, asserting more control over use of the Internet in the country.

  • OnLive video game service: "In a lot of ways, we've solved cloud computing"

    Steve Perlman, CEO of a company called OnLive that's readying an on-demand video game service, cringes whenever Google's gmail or other high profile Web services conk out. After all, his company's bold plan is to offer streamed access to a slew of brand name video games via the cloud in such a way that users at their PCs and TVs get performance they're used to experiencing on consoles.

  • SMH, The Age shuts down online crosswords (update)

    For more than seven years, crossword lovers have enjoyed the intellectual challenge of online puzzles on the Sydney Morning Herald and Age Web sites. No more, however, as Fairfax Digital has shut down its online crossword and puzzle service.