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News about optical fibre
  • Mobile traffic helps push up optical demand

    Demand for high-speed links to cell sites and homes will rejuvenate sales of optical network equipment this year and help to create a US$16.6 billion worldwide market for it by 2014, according to research firm Dell'Oro Group.

  • Alcatel hikes optical speed with less energy

    Alcatel-Lucent will try to tackle the growing volume of traffic on carrier networks with an optical switch that can handle 4T bits per second (bps) while consuming less power per bit than today's equipment.

  • Intel connects PCs to devices using light

    Intel is working on a new optical interconnect that could possibly link mobile devices to displays and storage up to 100 meters away, a company official said on Wednesday.

  • TransACT rolls out 1Gbps broadband

    As the National Broaband Network develops with the intention of provising 100Mbps fibre-to-the-premises, ACT ISP TransACT has announced the successful delivery of 1Gbps broadband to residential dwellings and businesses.