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  • ISIS apparently hacks US Central Command Twitter account

    The US Central Command Twitter account was hacked or at least defaced today apparently by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), posting tweets that threaten families of US soldiers and claiming to have hacked into military PCs.

  • Snapchat and other online services need to tighten security

    In recent weeks, there have been data breaches involving passwords and email addresses from JP Morgan Chase, celebrity nude photos from <a href="">Apple's iCloud</a>, more than 70,000 images from Snapchat and <a href="">now a new alleged hack at Dropbox</a> -- a claim it denies.

  • Hacktivist group suspends bank attacks

    A group claiming responsibility for a string of cyberattacks against several major U.S. banks over the past four months today said that it has suspended its campaign in response to YouTube's apparent removal of a controversial anti-Muslim video.