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  • Visa pilots new payment card security initiatives

    Acknowledging the need for controls that go beyond those offered by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, a senior Visa executive Thursday described two new initiatives to reduce payment card fraud being tested by the company.

  • Visa: Post-breach criticism of PCI standard misplaced

    Visa's top risk management executive Thursday dismissed what she described as "recent rumblings" about the possible demise of the PCI data security rules as "premature" and "dangerous" to long-term efforts to ensure that credit and debit card data is secure.

  • PCI council sharpens oversight of security auditors

    The PCI Security Standards Council Monday unveiled a plan to sharpen oversight of the hundreds of security-service providers now authorized to evaluate merchant networks under the organization's Payment Card Industry data standards.

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  • International Challenges in PCI Security

    In a country that's seen many regulatory compliance challenges this decade, the headaches of PCI security tend to be analyzed from a largely American perspective.