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  • KDE 4.3 released for a 'greatly' improved experience

    After six months of development the KDE project has released the most anticipated upgrade of the KDE 4 series, KDE 4.3, which promises to greatly improve the overall user experience of the open source desktop environment.

  • KDE 4.2 arrives, takes aim at free desktop 'answer'

    Almost a year to the day KDE 4 releases started with 4.0.0, the KDE project has been in damage control about how it handled the apparent developers release, but that all changed today with the second major release in the KDE 4 series, KDE 4.2.0, codenamed “the answer” aimed squarely at a whole new free desktop experience.

  • KDE 4.2 goes into beta

    After much heated debate over whether the 4.0 and 4.1 releases were ready for general use, the KDE project has released the first beta of 4.2, codenamed “Caterpillar”.

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  • Fact or fiction? 8 HDTV myths demystified

    If you're buying your first HDTV or an upgrade from a starter set, your new television may deliver a better picture than the one you're used to. But picking the right HDTV can be confusing, especially when your favorite blue-shirted salesperson may be steering you in a certain direction in hopes of a bigger commission.

  • HDTV: 10 top trends coming to a screen near you in 2010

    Flash forward to about a year from now, if you will. Envision yourself walking into a consumer electronics store toward the end of 2010. What kinds of HDTV products and features is your retail salesperson likely to tout?