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  • Europe to hold cybersecurity exercise next month

    The European Union is planning to hold a cybersecurity exercise across its 27 member states next month, the start of what officials hope will be greater cooperation in defending computer networks.

  • Google sheds light on Chrome OS Netbook security

    Google's Chrome OS Netbook will feature a host of built-in security technologies designed to protect users from malware and other threats, a Google engineer said at the recent RSA Conference.

  • RSA extends security tools to VMware

    EMC's RSA division is embracing the virtualization trend that its VMware spinoff helped kick off, announcing Thursday that three of its core security products will work in VMware virtualized environments.

  • EMC, Intel, VMware team to secure private clouds

    EMC, Intel and VMware are joining forces to improve security and regulatory compliance in cloud computing with a proof of concept to be demonstrated at this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco.

  • Cloud Security Alliance, Jericho Forum agendas align

    Two user groups launched cloud-security best-practices campaigns at RSA Conference 2009 and formed an informal alliance to influence the development of security products in accordance with their recommendations.

  • Cisco bolsters security family

    Cisco Tuesday announced the Cisco IPS Sensor v. 7.0, adding what it calls "reputation analysis" to augment the signature-based defense of the intrusion-prevention system.