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  • Attacks against SCADA systems soar

    Global attacks against industrial control systems increased from 163,228 in January 2013 to 675,186 in January 2014 according to a new report by Dell

  • Expert: Basic hacks can compromise industrial control systems

    Atlanta -- Sophisticated attacks like Stuxnet aren't necessary to compromise industrial control systems for dams, power plants, chemical plants and the like. Rather, simple phishing attacks followed up by using tools that are easily available through Metasploit will do the trick, security pros were told at a conference in Atlanta this week.

  • What to do in the event of a data breach?

    Even though it now appears there was no terrorist attack on a pump at an Illinois water utility, the SCADA infiltration scare was a reminder that data breaches can come from any number of angles.

  • Illinois water authority hack: Threat has been looming for years

    While nobody's willing to say whether a <a href="">burned out pump at an Illinois water authority</a> is the result of a cyberattack, the big issue remains that nobody can say that it wasn't, according to experts.