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  • Typesafe cofounder forking Scala compiler

    The main contributor to the Scala compiler, Paul Phillips, has announced on GitHub that he is forking the compiler to “fix some of the innumerable problems” that he wasn’t able to do while working at Typesafe.

  • Scala: Productivity gains but complexity remains

    Functional programming language Scala, which compiles to bytecode that can run on a Java virtual machine, has been praised for offering productivity gains over Java. However, the syntactical differences and error messages can sometimes be quite complex for developers to wrap their head around.

  • Avaya looks to next generation video conferencing

    Following up on its purchase earlier this year of video optimisation company, Radvision, Avaya has announced enhancements to its Aura and Flare unified communications (UC) platforms that could signal the company's move into next generation videoconferencing for the enterprise.