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  • A walk through SunGard's self-contained mobile office

    At a glance, the interior of SunGard Availability Services' Mobile MetroCenter looks like any other office – desks line the walls and center of the room, a TV tuned to CNN sits above a printer in the corner. There's even a microwave and a small refrigerator.

  • SunGard brings cloud service to disaster recovery

    Can the old guard in business continuity and disaster-recovery services thrive in an era when the companies are looking at new ways to process business data? SunGard Data Systems, with decades of experience in availability services, is feeling the pinch as some business clientele move data to the cloud. But SunGard says it's pushing forward with innovations that are making it a public cloud provider as well with the kind of application availability it says will be hard to match elsewhere.

  • CloudStack releases first code under Apache license

    OpenStack has grabbed a lot of headlines recently, but competing cloud management platform CloudStack made some news of its own this week with the project releasing its first open source code as part of the Apache Software Foundation.