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  • Botnet continues massive H1N1 malware campaign

    A massive spam campaign that poses as a message from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asking people to register for H1N1 vaccinations remains a big problem today, a security researcher said.

  • Swine flu near you? iPhone app will let you know

    Apple's increasingly popular App Store has been flooded with a wide number of applications related to Swine Flu since the initial H1N1 outbreak in March, but very few of the apps were actually useful.

  • Amalga helps hospital keep swine flu in check

    When fears over the swine flu first broke out in many parts of the world in April, El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, was about to pull the trigger on an implementation of Microsoft's Amalga software.

  • Google trends Flu activity in ANZ

    With all the news about the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, search giant Google has included Australia and New Zealand in its Flu Trends service, which estimates the number of cases through Internet searches on the topic.

  • Online job ads slump 50%

    There are now half as many job advertisements as there was this time last year, according to new figures released by the Olivier Group.

  • E-health data collection key to tracking Swine Flu spread

    As the prospect of a flu pandemic grew more likely Wednesday -- the World Health Organization raised its threat alert to level 5 -- data is pouring into federal health care agencies using systems that a decade ago did not even exist.

  • Swine flu: What did we learn from bird flu planning

    Two years ago, financial services firms tested a pandemic scenario that began with a few flu cases and ended in a workplace absenteeism rate as high as 50%. There was also a breakdown in basic services, resulting in garbage piling up on the streets. The premise -- a worse-case senario designed to stress the response -- was that the World Health Organization (WHO) had reached alert phase 5, a pandemic, and escalated from there.

  • Swine Flu spreads via Twitter

    Forget Oprah: the biggest star of Twitter at the moment is the Swine Flu, an occasionally fatal illness that has escalated to a public health emergency as it spreads throughout the United States. Though there are only 20 reported cases of the Swine Flu in the U.S., mass hysteria has swept the country, and Twitter is adding fuel to the fire.