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  • KDE 4.5 release ups stability, adds Webkit browser

    The KDE project has released the sixth generation of version 4 of its open source software compilation (SC) and desktop environment with KDE SC 4.5 now available for download – including a Webkit option for the native Web browser.

  • RIM develops a better BlackBerry browser

    RIM is expanding its effort to redefine the Web browsing experience for BlackBerry users. In a recent job posting on LinkedIn, RIM asked for an expert C++ programmer who is firmly grounded in the open source Webkit browser engine.

  • Google's Chrome was 'hackable' at Pwn2Own contest

    Although Google's Chrome was the only browser left standing after March's Pwn2Own hacking contest, it was vulnerable to the same bug that a German college student used to bring down Apple's Safari, Google acknowledged this week.