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News about WiMax 2
  • Samsung WiMAX 2 test hits 330Mbps

    Yes, it's only a demonstration. Even so, Samsung's trial of WiMAX 2 technology that touched speeds of 330Mbps is still impressive.

  • 'WiMAX 2' set to be finalized in November

    While LTE starts rolling out from major U.S. carriers in 2011, the WiMAX Forum is hoping to have the so-called WiMAX 2 standard up and ready to go by the start of 2012.

  • Intel, Samsung join to accelerate WiMax 2 development

    Intel late on Sunday said it was collaborating with companies including Samsung and Motorola to develop the next generation of WiMax mobile broadband technology, which will provide a speed boost in 4G wireless data transfers.