• Microsoft puts Windows Server instances in the cloud

    Microsoft bolstered Windows Azure with several new capabilities today, including the ability to run Windows Server instances on Azure, theoretically making applications portable between the data center and Microsoft cloud platform.

    29 Oct. 10 04:44 Written by Jon Brodkin
  • Nintendo loses grip on handheld gaming, drops into loss

    Nintendo reported a 2.01 billion yen (US$24.6 million) net loss for the six months to Sept. 30, as its sales of hardware and software dropped, the company said on Thursday. It sold 42 percent fewer handheld game consoles than a year earlier.

    29 Oct. 10 04:39 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • E-voting: How secure is it?

    Election fraud and vote tampering is as old as government. Before the American Revolution, most voting was done by voice. Voters would call out their pick for all to hear, which lead to intimidation and other nefarious tactics by those hoping to impact election results. The creation of the secret ballot was an improvement, but brought with it another host of possible modes of manipulation. In a quote that is now famous in American history, corrupt politician and Tammany Hall leader Boss Tweed often told constituents to 'vote early, and often.'

    29 Oct. 10 04:29 Written by Joan Goodchild
  • Oracle: Google 'directly copied' our Java code

    Oracle has updated its lawsuit against Google to allege that parts of its Android mobile phone software "directly copied" Oracle's Java code.

    29 Oct. 10 04:15 Written by James Niccolai
  • Cloud services spur mobile enterprise apps

    Mobilizing enterprise apps is nothing new, yet beyond e-mail and a few other horizontal applications, it's still a niche market. But combining the cloud with the newest generation of smartphones is just starting to change that.

    29 Oct. 10 04:10 Written by Nancy Gohring
  • Green gadget chargers go massive

    Markets for advanced charging technologies (including solar-powered handsets, solar chargers, wireless power units, fuel-cell battery charging products and public charging kiosks), worth about $1.5 billion in 2010, are forecast to grow at a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 86 percent to exceed $34 billion in 2015.

    29 Oct. 10 03:40 Written by Lexton Snol
  • Hackers exploit newest Flash zero-day bug

    Adobe today confirmed that hackers are exploiting a critical unpatched bug in Flash Player, and promised to patch the vulnerability in two weeks.

    29 Oct. 10 03:38 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • Norton Mobile Security (Beta)

    One of the first places people often turn to when searching for antivirus protection for their new computer is Symantec's Norton suite of security tools. The company is now looking to extend that protection beyond the PC to your mobile phone through its Norton Mobile Security app. This app, although currently in beta, adds an extra layer of protection to your phone well above just having a lock screen.

    29 Oct. 10 02:33 Written by Armando Rodriguez
  • Is the white iPhone 4 vaporware?

    The prospects of ever seeing a white iPhone 4 on store shelves are getting dimmer by the minute as new rumors suggest Apple has ditched plans for the snowy handset. One new theory is that Apple is just going to string along white iPhone 4 fans until it's time for iPhone 5 and then drop the Wonder Bread version altogether. Adding to the iPhone snowstorm is the suggestion that Apple recently pulled the white iPhone 4 option from its online retail store. It's hard to know for sure whether the Albinophone has gone the way of the dodo, but here's what the Web is saying.

    29 Oct. 10 02:32 Written by Ian Paul
  • Upgraded retail security standard ignores mobile payments

    The second version of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is being released this afternoon by the organization PCI Security Standards Council, which sets the network and security requirements for merchants and service providers handling sensitive cardholder data.

    29 Oct. 10 02:21 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • Microsoft giving away Windows Phone 7 phones

    Microsoft gave a peek at the first Windows Phone 7 products earlier this month when it formally announced its follow-on Windows Mobile in the race for smartphone glory vs. Apple (See: Windows Phone 7 vs. Apple iOS), Google and RIM.  Microsoft’s current Windows Mobile OS recently fell behind Google Android in market share among U.S. smartphone subscribers, according to ComScore. 

    29 Oct. 10 02:21 Written by Bob Brown
  • Chrome: Switch to new tab

    When you right-click a link in Chrome and select Open link in a new tab -- or if you point to the link and click the wheel rather than one of the buttons--the browser will open that link in a new tab.

    29 Oct. 10 02:05 Written by Lincoln Spector
  • Adobe shows off prototype tool for HTML5 animation

    Adobe uploaded a preview of its new (and perhaps overdue) prototype tool for HTML5 animation, codenamed "Adobe Edge" (not to be confused with Adobe's monthly newsletter) Monday.

    29 Oct. 10 01:38 Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
  • Oracle takes stake in Infiniband vendor Mellanox

    Oracle announced late Wednesday that it has taken a 10.2 per cent stake in Mellanox Technologies, maker of Infiniband interconnects for servers and storage systems.

    29 Oct. 10 01:18 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • Vendors look to exploit PCIe for fast storage

    Vendors may shortly be able to introduce SSD products that use PCIe to improve performance speeds. A group of leading vendors have joined forces to develop the standard which is expected to be finalised in the latter half of next year.

    29 Oct. 10 00:45 Written by Maxwell Cooter
  • Unlock Android's multimedia muscle

    A pop quiz: iPhone is to iTunes as Android is to what? If you're coming up blank, there's good reason.

    29 Oct. 10 00:34 Written by JR Raphael
  • Bredolab-infected PCs downloading fake antivirus software

    A massive takedown operation conducted by Dutch police and security experts earlier this week does not appear to have completely dissolved the Bredolab botnet, but it is unlikely to recover.

    29 Oct. 10 00:22 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Latest Telstra cuts likely not the last: Union

    Telstra’s latest round of job cuts are unlikely to be the last for the current financial year, a union representative for the telco has warned.

    28 Oct. 10 16:04 Written by James Hutchinson
  • China unveils powerful, 2.5-petaflop supercomputer

    China is unveiling a new supercomputer on Thursday that incorporates thousands of graphics chips and can reach a sustained performance of 2.5 petaflops, making it one of the fastest systems in the world.

    28 Oct. 10 15:37 Written by Agam Shah