• Sony explores wider range of Android-based devices

    Sony is considering employing Google's Android operating system in more consumer electronics devices, it said Thursday, shortly after launching its first televisions using the software.

    21 Oct. 10 22:15 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Google: 2.9 per cent of German households shun Street View

    Close to 250,000 German households have requested that Google scrub their homes from its Street View imagery program as the company nears launching the service in Germany amid continuing privacy concerns.

    21 Oct. 10 21:48 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Telstra pushes cloud to large enterprises

    Telstra (ASX:TLS) and Accenture will jointly push an off-premise private cloud virtualisation platform to large enterprise and government departments in a move that signals the incumbent telco’s view beyond mid-enterprise cloud offerings.

    21 Oct. 10 15:38 Written by James Hutchinson
  • ASG acquires Progress Pacific

    ASG (ASX: ASZ) has expanded its enterprise credentials with the acquisition of SAP consulting and services provider Progress Pacific.

    21 Oct. 10 13:00 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Data privacy legislation hampering cyber crime prevention: ACC

    Organised crime groups have penetrated law enforcement bodies, and authorities are helpless to fight back due to restrictive data privacy legislation, according to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) chief executive, John Lawler.

    21 Oct. 10 11:54 Written by Mahesh Sharma
  • Steve Jobs vs. the world, part deux

    You'd think grown men would have better things to do than squabble like rabid squirrels fighting over a Brazil nut. But when it comes to the future of mobile computing, there is no such thing as fighting dirty. And more and more often, it all starts with Steve Jobs.

    21 Oct. 10 10:50 Written by Robert X. Cringely
  • Hands-on with Windows Phone 7

    To compete with Apple's iPhone and the Android army, Microsoft needed to pull out all the stops to sell Windows Phone 7 to the masses. Windows Mobile has a miserable reputation as being not user-friendly and slow. Throw in the Microsoft Kin failure, and you've got a lot of skepticism surrounding. Thankfully, Microsoft completely ditched the often frustrating, always sluggish Windows Mobile experience. Windows Phone 7 is a brand-new OS and Microsoft deserves a clean slate.

    21 Oct. 10 10:28 Written by Ginny Mies
  • Microsoft Office 365: Guide to a slew of versions, prices

    With the newly-branded Office 365, announced this week, Microsoft has taken its BPOS (business productivity online suite) service and added Office apps options. But while Microsoft dumped a bad product name for a better one, the company repeated a longtime marketing habit with Office 365: a confusing array of versions and price points.

    21 Oct. 10 09:18 Written by Shane O'Neill
  • Apple's new MacBook Air: 5 things it didn't get

    The new MacBook Air is certainly a great improvement over previous models - namely the move towards exclusive solid-state storage in a laptop is a welcome paradigm shift. However, there were a few notable oversights in the new models that I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed about. Here are a few of them, and the reasons behind Apple's omissions.

    21 Oct. 10 09:09 Written by Mike Keller
  • OpenStack cloud project remains on track

    OpenStack, the open-source cloud management software project formed by hosting provider Rackspace, has met an initial development milestone, backers are expected to announce Thursday.

    21 Oct. 10 07:55 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • Apple drops price of MacBook Air under $1,000

    Apple today revamped its lightest laptop, the MacBook Air, slimming it down, ditching the hard drive for solid-state storage and introducing a smaller model that sports an 11.6-in. screen.

    21 Oct. 10 07:21 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • Does Mac OS X need malware protection?

    Everyone knows that the Mac OS X operating system is just inherently secure. Any Apple loyalist will gladly explain to you everything that is wrong with Microsoft Windows, and how happy they are with not having to worry about malware and exploits on their shiny new Mac. So, I guess Macs don't need security software and we have nothing left to talk about...

    21 Oct. 10 07:08 Written by Tony Bradley
  • A billion reasons to read about Intel, Apple, Facebook and other tech companies

    Intel’s investing up to $8 billion for new chip manufacturing, Facebook says the prosecution of a billion dollar spammer isn’t over and Twitter’s aiming for a billion users. The ITU says 2 billion of us will be online by the end of this year, one market watcher said the 5 billionth device plugged into the Internet in August and Apple has become the second most valuable U.S. company based on a market capitalization of around $290 billion and a stellar fiscal fourth quarter in which it posted $4.3 billion in earnings and $20.3 billion in revenue. 

    21 Oct. 10 07:01 Written by Bob Brown
  • Microsoft signs cloud deals with California, New York City

    Continuing the progress that Microsoft is making in the state and local government sector, the company has signed cloud computing deals with the city of New York and the state of California.

    21 Oct. 10 06:32 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Want a 3D printer? Build your own with Lego

    This summer GeekTech told you about a cool felt tip printer, which was made out of Lego bricks. Now another hacker has come up with an even more advanced Lego printer, using a three Mindstorm NXT bricks and nine NXT motors. A 3D Lego printer!

    21 Oct. 10 05:34 Written by Elizabeth Fish
  • Western Digital announces 2.5 and 3 Terabyte hard drives

    Western Digital has blown past the 2-terabyte barrier with a new 3.5-inch hard drive that has a whopping 3 TB of storage capacity. Drives larger than 2 TB were until recently impossible to use, because older computers could not recognize drive sizes larger than 2.2 TB.

    21 Oct. 10 05:07 Written by Ian Paul