• Ghana phone manufacturer extends operations to Gambia

    After implementing its ICT youth program in Ghana, rLG Communications is moving into Gambia to replicate the training concept, aimed at developing skills in mobile telephony as well as expanding the market for its mobile phones.

    11 Oct. 10 06:23 Written by Olusegun Abolaji Ogundeji
  • North Korea opens up Internet for national anniversary

    North Korea appears to have made its first full connection to the Internet. The connection, planning for which has been going on for at least nine months, came as the reclusive country prepares to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea with a massive celebration and military parade.

    10 Oct. 10 00:45 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Security still an issue for cloud customers

    <a href="">Cloud computing</a> may offer a quick and inexpensive way to build an online business, but customer fears about security still must be allayed.

    09 Oct. 10 11:27 Written by Paul Krill
  • Trojan Forces Firefox to Save Your Passwords

    A Firefox Trojan has been found to force the Internet browser to save user passwords and then use those passwords to create a new user account on the infected computer.

    09 Oct. 10 10:53 Written by Katherine Noyes
  • What You'll Pay For In-Flight Wi-Fi

    Airlines have been charging fees for seats on the emergency aisle, priority boarding, and anything resembling baggage, so it's no surprise that cheap or free Wi-Fi access isn't a typical frill. But with one in three <a href="">U.S. planes providing wireless Internet access</a>, we looked at the going rates for going online in the clouds.

    09 Oct. 10 10:51 Written by Barbara E. Hernandez
  • Google to Disconnect GOOG-411 Service

    <a href="">Google</a> is shutting down 1-800-GOOG-411, a directory-assistance service that uses voice recognition to connect callers to businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Launched in 2007, <a href="">GOOG-411</a> was advanced for its time--yep, all of three years ago. Today, however, it appears positively quaint, particularly when stacked against Google's newer, more sophisticated <a href="">voice-search tools</a> for smartphones.

    09 Oct. 10 10:49 Written by Jeff Bertolucci
  • Pros/Cons: Schwarzenegger v. EMA

    The Schwarzenegger v. EMA case could cost the video game industry its First Amendment rights by criminalizing violent game sales to minors, but how valid is the argument that a violent video game will spur violent behavior in real life? Research and associate professor of developmental psychology Dr. Douglas Gentile offers up a third-party opinion on the validity of the arguments.

    09 Oct. 10 09:41 Written by Dr. Douglas Gentile
  • New Technology Lets You Play With Real Cats Over the Web

    Forget LOLcats, these kitties are real--and you can interact with them in real-time! Apriori Control, in conjunction with the Idaho Humane Society and the Oregon Humane Society, has developed a website where you can interact with real cats by controlling robotic toys over the internet.

    09 Oct. 10 09:25 Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
  • Week in Facebook news: New privacy tools, unfriending study and making spammer pay up

    As if the opening of <a href="">The Social Network movie</a>  to start the month didn’t give people enough to talk about regarding Facebook, the company this past week hasn’t been able to stay out of the headlines through actions of its own and others.

    09 Oct. 10 09:15 Written by Bob Brown
  • Hands-on with the Pantech Laser

    Android phones were all the rage at this year's CTIA, but there were a few non-smartphones launched at the show. One of these phones, the Pantech Laser, impressed me in particular. Coming to AT&amp;T on October 17, the Laser is an ideal phone for somebody who wants to stay connected via text, e-mail or social networks, but doesn't necessarily need Web or app access.

    09 Oct. 10 09:13 Written by Ginny Mies
  • 3D TVs at top of 'Hype Cycle'

    The economy isn't the only thing that goes through cycles. Hype, believe it or not, is cyclical, too, according to the analysts at Gartner, who today released their 2010 Hype Cycle report. Technologies closing in on the "Peak of Inflated Expectations" are the 4G wireless standard and 3D flat panel TVs.

    09 Oct. 10 09:10 Written by John P. Mello Jr.
  • IBM to turbo-charge more servers with accelerators

    IBM is putting more energy in building computers that mix CPUs with specialized accelerators to diversify its servers and target specific workloads, an IBM executive said this week.

    09 Oct. 10 09:07 Written by Agam Shah
  • Yahoo lays out road map for BOSS

    Yahoo's BOSS platform, which lets external developers build custom search engines on top of the company's search infrastructure, will shift to a fee-based model in early 2011.

    09 Oct. 10 09:00 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • Mobile usage in Europe, US and Japan

    A new comScore study on mobile usage and behaviours in Europe, the US and Japan, finds that the Japanese mobile audience is the most connected with three quarters of users accessing <a href="">mobile media</a> in June.

    09 Oct. 10 08:24 Written by Harrington Curve
  • Will Web-scale servers find a role in the enterprise?

    An emerging class of extremely low-power servers is helping Internet companies and hosting providers to slash their energy bills, and proponents say they could have a role in the enterprise as well.

    09 Oct. 10 07:16 Written by James Niccolai
  • New Apple TV focuses on 'what works'

    For more than three years now, Apple TV has been the one Apple product that buyers were uncertain about. Originally billed as an iPod for your TV, early versions carried a hefty price tag -- $299 initially -- and some annoyances, including synchronization errors and a sometimes unresponsive interface. While it wasn't a failure, Apple TV -- which Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously described as a "hobby" -- clearly wasn't going to be a big consumer hit without a major overhaul.

    09 Oct. 10 05:40 Written by Michael deAgonia

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