• RIM PlayBook: The tablet business is waiting for

    As expected, RIM unveiled it's upcoming tablet device at the BlackBerry Developer Conference taking place this week in San Francisco. The tablet -- dubbed the PlayBook as opposed to the rumored 'BlackPad' -- won't be available until early 2011, but has features and capabilities that set the bar for tablets and may be worth waiting for.

    29 Sept. 10 02:01 Written by Tony Bradley
  • Amazon to Launch Android App Store -- and Tablet, Too?

    Amazon will launch its own Android app store, challenging Google's official app collection, according to TechCrunch. The site uncovered uncovered details about how the store will function, including developer royalties, DRM and a pricing structure. A source also hinted that Amazon is working on building its own tablet computer. Here's a closer look:

    29 Sept. 10 01:59 Written by Brennon Slattery
  • CA Technologies to buy Hyperformix

    CA Technologies has entered into a formal agreement to purchase capacity management software provider Hyperformix, which is based in Austin, Texas, the two companies announced Tuesday.

    29 Sept. 10 01:33 Written by Joab Jackson
  • Microsoft launches status dashboards for BPOS

    Microsoft has created status dashboards for the three data centers that power its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), a set of hosted communication and collaboration applications for workplaces.

    29 Sept. 10 01:31 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • developers move to break ties with Oracle

    Some developers of the desktop productivity suite announced a break from Oracle on Tuesday, introducing a new name for the project and establishing a new foundation to guide its future.

    29 Sept. 10 01:17 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • 5 reasons Nokia's N8 is dead on arrival

    So far, Nokia's new Symbian phone, the N8, is getting lukewarm reviews, and few are willing to bet on anything except its slow demise. There are reasons, mainly its operating system, that make the phone a very hard sell to Americans consuming both Android and Apple iOS systems and applications.

    28 Sept. 10 23:45 Written by Barbara E. Hernandez
  • Idappcom seeks to displace penetration testers

    A U.K. company is seeking to displace penetration testing companies with an appliance and software that can frequently test whether security devices are catching bad network traffic and exploits.

    28 Sept. 10 23:37 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Battle of the Android browsers

    Let’s face it: The Android browser isn’t perfect. While performance is improving with each update (Android 2.2, in particular, boosted the speed of the browser with a new Javascript engine), it’s a fairly bare-bones browser compared with some of the others available in the Android Market.

    28 Sept. 10 23:30 Written by Ginny Mies and Brent Hopkins
  • Nokia loses share in India to Chinese and local brands

    Nokia's market share in India dropped to 36 percent in the second quarter from 56 percent in the same period last year, reflecting the growing share of Chinese and Indian vendors of low-end mobile phones, according to research firm IDC India.

    28 Sept. 10 22:41 Written by John Ribeiro
  • developers move to break ties with Oracle

    Some developers of the desktop productivity suite announced a break from Oracle on Tuesday, introducing a new name for the project and establishing a new foundation to guide its future.

    28 Sept. 10 20:51 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Sony Ericsson preps micro display for Android

    Sony Ericsson has unveiled a remote control with a 1.3-inch screen that will allow Android smartphone users to view Facebook and Twitter updates and control their phone's music player.

    28 Sept. 10 19:48 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • Kmart Tyre and Auto Service calls up IT success

    Using speech recognition has helped independent car service and tyre retailer Kmart Tyre & Auto Service (KTAS) to pinpoint how effective its marketing spend.
    The retailer started using the technology and its online analytical tools a year ago.

    28 Sept. 10 17:07 Written by Hamish Barwick
  • CodePlex Foundation now called Outercurve

    Seeking to distance itself even further from Microsoft, the CodePlex Foundation has officially changed its name to the Outercurve Foundation, the company announced Tuesday.

    28 Sept. 10 17:03 Written by Joab Jackson
  • iPad trials hit Tasmanian schools

    The Tasmanian Department of Education and Training has revealed over 30 iPads are being trialled in a number of schools across the state, with plans in the works to also examine the potential for Android- and Windows-based tablets to be used as an education device.

    28 Sept. 10 17:01 Written by Jenna Pitcher
  • BlackBerry roundup

    The word on everyone’s lips for the past week has been ‘BlackBerry’, for good reason(s).

    28 Sept. 10 16:53 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Telstra negotiates on wholesale broadband pricing

    The wholesale arm of Australia's biggest telco Telstra has declined to engage in what it described as a "public battle" with its customer Internode, in the midst of delicate negotiations that are slated to affect Internode's ADSL broadband pricing around the nation.

    28 Sept. 10 12:58 Written by Renai LeMay
  • Telcos refuse to budge on customer service: ACMA

    The Australian Communication and Media Authority’s (ACMA) public inquiry into telecommunication customer care has drawn poor responses from the industry, according to ACMA chairman Chris Chapman.

    28 Sept. 10 11:26 Written by Computerworld Staff