• YouTube, e-discovery software among tech tools for war crime investigators

    War crimes -- brutal genocide, mass executions, ethnic cleansing, torture -- have spurred international efforts by the United Nations to investigate and convict those deemed responsible, wherever they have occurred. And according to those involved in prosecuting war crimes in once war-torn places such as the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Rwanda, modern technology related to e-discovery and multi-lingual translation is playing a critical role in the ongoing process to find justice for victims.

    19 Oct. 10 04:24 Written by Ellen Messmer
  • 32 vs. 64: What bit Windows?

    Ericuse165 asked the Windows forum which is better: the 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7.

    19 Oct. 10 03:47 Written by Lincoln Spector
  • Windows Phone 7's bogus 'too late' problem

    Want to dismiss Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 outright? Simply wave a hand in the air and say "too little, too late." Everyone's doing it (myself included).

    19 Oct. 10 03:41 Written by Jared Newman
  • Google's yellow search box looks to the cloud

    Google's business search box will sift through data in the cloud and behind company firewalls with the Monday release of Google Search Appliance 6.8.

    19 Oct. 10 03:40 Written by Elsa Wenzel
  • RIM, Sprint announce BlackBerry "Style" 9670 Clamshell

    BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) today officially announced one of its most poorly-kept secrets of 2010: The BlackBerry "Style" 9670 clamshell, formerly codenamed BlackBerry "Oxford." Sprint is the exclusive Style 9670 wireless carrier in the United States, and the device will retail for $100 after an equally valued mail-in rebate and along with a new two-year service contract. The BlackBerry Style goes on sale on October 31.

    19 Oct. 10 03:27 Written by Al Sacco
  • Gap between IPv4 depletion, IPv6 adoption widens

    With the Internet's largest-ever upgrade looming, network operators are using up address space based on the current standard -- known as IPv4 -- much faster than they are adopting IPv6, the next-generation standard.

    19 Oct. 10 02:59 Written by Chuck Yoke
  • Google Search Appliance now indexes Apps suite

    The Google Search Appliance, an enterprise search device loaded with Google search software, is now able to crawl, index and retrieve data stored in the company's Apps hosted collaboration and communication suite.

    19 Oct. 10 01:53 Written by Juan Carlos Perez
  • SuccessFactors adds 'cloud calculator' analytics

    SuccessFactors announced a new Calculator in the Cloud service on Monday that allows users to pull together analytic mashups with data from its human resources software suite as well as from other SaaS (software as a service) applications.

    19 Oct. 10 01:46 Written by Chris Kanaracus
  • SaaS on a 'tear' says IDC

    Software as a Service is on "a tear" according to new research from IDC with revenue set to grow at six times faster than all software and SaaS is expected to show compound annual growth (CAGR) of around 26 per cent up to 2014.

    19 Oct. 10 01:25 Written by Maxwell Cooter
  • iPads take centre stage at Apple's earning call

    Today is an important day for tablet fans, as Apple reports its first full quarter of iPad sales. The company is widely expected to report selling as many as 6 million iPads between July and September. Bullish sales predictions are leading many investors to try and "gauge consumer enthusiasm for the tablet" based on Apple's earnings call, according to Reuters. If Apple blows past the sales figures it would prove with cold hard numbers that tablets are a significant new market for computer makers. If Apple fails to hit its expected sales target then it could also dampen enthusiasm for burgeoning tablet devices.

    19 Oct. 10 01:19 Written by Ian Paul
  • Operator led mobile app community makes headway

    Operators have merged two different platforms for distributing Web-based mobile applications, in a effort to start competing with the likes of Apple's AppStore and Google's Market.

    19 Oct. 10 01:18 Written by Mikael Ricknäs
  • Facebook privacy fail: Apps leak private info, report

    Even if you use the strictest privacy settings on Facebook, many applications can pass on information that personally identifies you and your friends to advertisers, says a Wall Street Journal investigation.

    19 Oct. 10 01:01 Written by Daniel Ionescu
  • Software AG acquires MDM vendor

    Software AG announced Monday that it has purchased MDM (master data management) vendor Data Foundations, and has plans to link that technology to its portfolio of BPM (business process management) and other middleware technologies. Terms were not disclosed.

    19 Oct. 10 00:07 Written by Chris Kanaracus