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The Future State of the CIO
By AppDynamics | 8/5/2017

A case of ‘Career Is Over’ or ‘Career Is Opportunity’?

CIOs of the future must balance supporting the business with driving digital initiatives, velocity and innovation in order to enhance their status in the digital enterprise. In this short White Paper we aim to provide a provocative and, we hope, illuminating view of the opportunity for the CIO of the future.

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Why CIOs Should Consider Independent Support
By Rimini Street | 20/6/2016

Every CIO knows that the technology landscape is changing, and changing fast. The question is, can your infrastructure keep up?

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Elevating the customer experience in the mobile world
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

With mobile app sales anticipated to reach $151 billion by 2017, there is no denying applications are reshaping the way organisations interact with their clients. This whitepaper looks at the factors that contributes to a compelling experience for the application end user, and how the combination of mobile application analytics and APM solution can provide deep insights that benefits both the CIO and CMO.

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Technology Management in the Age Of The Customer
By Forrester Research | 10/2/2014

Empowered customers are disrupting every industry, and CIOs need to understand how technology management must adapt. This report outlines how disruptive customers can place harsh and unfamiliar demands on institutions, necessitating changes in how they develop, market, sell, and deliver products and services.

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